Stage: sftp.stage.boknett.cloud

Prod: sftp.boknett.cloud


If you are a publisher the SFTP-server uses the same credentials as Mentor.

If third parties needs access to deliver on behalf of the publisher. The publisher can contact Bokbasen support to get credentials.

If you dont know your credentials, contact Bokbasen support.


Files should preferably be on the PDF/A format.


All files must be uploaded to the trykkunderlag folder.
Folder creation is not allowed.

Filename convention and folder


There are 3 supported filename conventions:

  • Content of the book must follow: <isbn>_materie.pdf. Additional info can be added after materie with an additional _, and will be ignored. Examples:

    • 9788203368578_materie.pdf

    • 9788203368578_materie_booktitle.pdf

  • Cover of the book: <isbn>_omslag.pdf. Additional info can be added after omslag with and additional _, and will be ignored.

    • 9788203368578_omslag.pdf

    • 9788203368578_omslag_booktitle.pdf

  • Attachments to the book:

    • If only a single attachment exsits: <isbn>_vedlegg.pdf. Example:

      • 9788203368578_vedlegg.pdf

    • If several attachments exists: <isbn>_attachment_<attachment-number>.pdf. Example:

      • 9788203368578_vedlegg_1.pdf

      • 9788203368578_vedlegg_2.pdf

File deletion

Files are processed from the SFTP-server after upload, and will be removed automatically after processing is completed. Therefor, manual file deletion is disabled.

New versions

New versions of files can be uploaded with the same naming convention.